“There are many kinds of stillness. And none of them are still. The stillness of glaciers, of deep rivers; of a Southern swamp. All these are in motion; cutting through rock, changing continents; eating the earth, moving the world from one place to another and back. The stillness of fog, of dark, of a woman in thought. All objects hide one thing and reveal another.”


A beautiful quote by my favourite living photographer: Rodney Smith. This quote is an excerpt from a great interview with him found in its entirety here. You can be sure this isn’t the last time I post about Mr Smith: he is a constant source of inspiration for me. He has a lot to say about finding your voice as an artist and is very generous in sharing his own journey. He also has a blog of his own, called “The End Starts Here” which he usually updates every Monday. It’s a real treat. If you aren’t familiar with his photographs, be sure to have a look, they’re nothing short of incredible. As you can tell by what I’ve written, Rodney Smith is someone I greatly admire – as an artist of course, but also as a person.

I’d love to hear, who are some of the people that inspire you?

(All photographs taken by Rodney Smith)


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